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Bullets for sale! You can either mail us directly or you can order from our distributer

Acubullets are lead bullets coated in a super durable high heat coating , allowing for improved accuracy , zero leading and smoke, while reducing the cost to the consumer. Currently we only supply 9mm 124 gr bullets but we are in the process of expanding our operation , we are also in the process of testing our bullets in rifles specially .223’s

Acubullets have been tested in numerous handguns with close to the same results in all of them. Most notable Glock 17 gen 3, Glock 17 gen 4 , Glock 19x , CZ 75B, CZ PO7, Steyr M9A1 and the S&W 929 , all handguns tested showed close to no fouling in the barrel and related parts

Please also take care when reloading , reloading is dangerous and needs to be done by experiences and qualified personnel, also take note that loading lead based bullets require slight flaring to the casing to seat properly , please see our blog for articles related to the topic

Also feel free to send us any suggestions and feedback as we are constantly trying to improve quality while keeping the cost as low as possible

Recommended Retail:

124gr 9mm coated rounds are available in the following options

ImReady 500 pack for R375 ex VAT

ImSerious 1000 pack for R700 ex VAT

We are a small startup and though we plan to expand a lot we are taking a lean approach to this business , our current production line will also be upgraded over the next 4 months , we know it is frustrating that our stock runs out but we are planning to build a sustainable business , only expanding as the market needs

You can mail us at

We currently only distribute via skietbaan gunstore and shooting range , please contact them for all your needs as they help us manage stock levels and expenses

for any questions please mail